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♦ Nicola K-12 Examination/Interview Prepatory Program (We also accept infants 1 year old+)For Japanese

 ☆  I want to educate my child based on his/her needs
 ☆  I want to relieve the stress built up during examination/interview preparation
 ☆  I want to discipline my child's manners and behaviors
 ☆  I want my child to become a globally equipped individual

We will provide either a private or semi-private class and build a unique program per child to match their needs. We can adjust the program to improve individual students' weaknesses, support current studies (e.g. homework, projects) and help prepare for future tests/exams either within or outside of school.

We will build a weekly and monthly goal for each student in order to measure how far each student is progressing and at your request, can set up weekly or monthly parent-teacher/counsellor meetings to clarify or readjust student goals.

Although we aim to improve the general knowledge of all school subjects, the abilities and competencies to think, feel, analyze, and communicate will be fostered through English.

Both parents and students may be handling a substantial amount of stress during examination/interview preparations or as a result of overload at school or work. Our teachers and professional consultant will always be available for you to go talk to, ask for advice, and aim to relieve the stress during these heightened times.

Our experience as teachers who have led the entire prepatory program for entrance exams and interviews from beginning to end, we, together with our passionate and affectionate staff, are confident that we can provide and cultivate the best program to make the most out of each student. We will always be here to support you and listen to you.

Our staff are experienced, enthusiastic and highly motivated individuals of which we can recommend with confidence. Below is a brief summary of some of the staff that we have at DHA:
Experience teaching in the classroom, have record of getting students accepted into boarding schools in England, and live outside of Japan 6 months out of the year.
Experience as a professional and licensed babysitter, baby massage and baby yoga therapist.
Experience as a counsellor at international schools and has held seminars, support regarding preparing students and parents for entrance exams and interviews, and has a vast knowledge of school networks outside of Japan.
Teachers who are currently at international schools in Japan or have graduated international schools in Japan.

At Nicola, we will continue to support the students' needs even after the preparatory program. We provide public/private school homework support, English support, and we also have experience and knowledge about summer schools/camps abroad to foster your child's education further beyond the regular school program.

Contact : 090-7197-0043    OR    dha.nicolai@gmail.com

We can set up informational events regarding our company at your request. Please request by filling in the following application (Trial lessons are possible).
Please feel free to contact us any worries : Dream Heart Angel
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